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Welcome Mary! I’m new too! I’m on my second week. I really enjoy taking the drops. I thought they would taste bad, but they don’t! I really think the B-12 has given me more energy to start off with, and both drops combined seem to help with curving cravings, which is a big help in the beginning. Now that I’m on week 2, I still struggle with mental cravings. It’s not so much physical like it used to be, it’s mostly a mental battle. So I would recommend finding a quote or Bible verse or something inspirational to memorize so that you can say it to yourself when you are mentally tempted by a craving. I would also recommend getting some lunch box containers. (I bought 3 compartment “easy lunchboxes” off Amazon) These really, really help me to visually see that I need a veggie, fruit & protein with every meal and help me to keep my portions much smaller. (another mental benefit compared to heaping food onto a large plate and feeling like I need to finish it all.) I have lost three pounds so far. I hope we both will experience health and eating well! Sincerely, Stacie