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Jessica Romeo
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Lynette I know that fear! I think the biggest advice that I have is to take baby steps…For example just increase your calories by 100-200 of the same foods you are already eating, maybe introduce one new thing like sweet potatoes, then do that for at least a week and see how it affects your body/weight and moods. I think the goal is to gradually get to the 1500 calorie level to keep your body from re-gaining weight and to instead hit your “set” point weight. I know that bread is an option, but personally I would keep that to a minimum if at all, your body will likely retain more water with the bread and could cause you some frustration, plus digestive system may be annoyed too!

So basically just stick to what you are doing, add in a little bit extra of those same foods and maybe add in a little sweet potato.

Let me know if you have any other specific questions?