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Doerte Pavlik
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my name is Doerte, I am originally from Germany but live now in Canada BC.
I am 47, married for 24 with three children. I was lucky and never really had to fight with my weight until I had my third child when I was 36. Since then my weight is going up, up up and up, slightly 1-2 pounds a year. My wardrobe is full of clothing I will wear again when I lost these pounds, but the reality is – I never did. I tried by cutting out my sugar intake (I could just survive on fruits – but of course they have sooo much sugar). I was radical and stopped from one day to the other. Yes it slowed down the process but not for long :(, then I stopped all milk products – and my weight actually went down 🙂 then it started again the weight climbed once more. By that time I was not eating right and I lost control, I ate uncontrolled when I came home from work and have not eaten all day. Because I was soooo hungry I ate what I got my hands on – mostly chips. Desperately I went to my Doctor for help, she told me it is my age and I eat too little. GRRRRR
So now I have breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner and I feel hungry if I miss one of them – but I gained 2 pounds more 🙁 / and no I still avoid sugar, bread, pasta, chips, candy, my fruit intake is controlled, still avoid milk products as well – and yeah I drink lots of water.

Exercise?? Yes I love to hike, bike, kayak and horseback riding. I work in a office but every lunch break I go walking as long as it is not raining.

Now – my cloths are no longer hiding that I am obese, I am devastated and desperate for a cure not only that I just have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knee joints and have to undergo surgery this year. One thing you can do to help with this disease is to loose weight – here we go again :(((

So lets do this than – I just picked up my PS1000 Slim parcel today – and I feel ready to get started and I am glad I am not doing this on my own, you are here with me too – I need you all to help me through and I hope that my story then will inspire others.

My weight goal is 20lb, if more than I would be more than happy 😉