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Jessica Romeo
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Ok so I am not sure exactly what recipes you are referring to, but overall the recipes that I am creating are broken down, but I can see how you could get overwhelmed by the various components like veggies fats etc. So generally speaking you don’t need to overthink or stress about vegetables. Vegetables are not deal breakers, at least in Phase 1 as you are not consuming potatoes and other starchier veggies. That said, I know you want to track everything accurately. I personally use MyFitness Pal to do all my own tracking. I love that app, every food imaginable is in there. So when in doubt you can go ahead and create a recipe in there with the exact ingredients in the recipes you find on the site and it will break it down based on how many servings you want the recipe to make.

Does this make sense? If not send me a message and I will try and elaborate even more.