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Jessica Romeo
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Ok first red beets and squash are definitely allowed. I have no clue why they have no lines on the droppers. I don’t actually make the drops and droppers…I just do Nutrition and food advice, however I think it varies between person, as some people make the drops bigger and others not so much, on average when I have used the dropper it is roughly 1/4 of the dropper. Honestly it is not a deal breaker if you are one drop off…If it bothers you I know that many of the people get a dropper that is labeled from a Pharmacy. Teas are not an important part of the program just a little extra boost in the AM and relaxer in the PM, not necessary. Most important part is eating as stated on plan. Also I am not sure what you are referencing to about MBG? Is this in the book or on the website?

I am the Nutritionist for PS1000 if that is what you mean?

Thanks and let me know if you have any further questions you can message me directly or on here!