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Jessica Romeo
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I am not sure what kind of discomfort and aches you are having? Have you introduced any new foods into your diet recently? Thats always the first thing I like to ask. Also how long have you had the discomfort for I know you mentioned you have been following the plan for a week, how much of that time have you had cramps and aches? Any other different things that you are doing? I have not heard of anyone having this same issue. Please give me more information regarding your diet and I can try and help you. If the cramps are intolerable I would recommend discontinuing the use for a week and see what happens. Otherwise please see your Dr. if you are really concerned.

And just letting you know that I am Jessica and I am the Nutritionist on PS1000. I am not a Dr. however so please consult your Dr. if you are experiencing extreme pain. I will help you with all the diet and nutrition related questions that you have. I am actually on vacation at the moment but will answer questions as often as I have Wifi! Also if you are part of the Facebook group you can find me on there also my Facebook page is listed under PierreandJess Romeo.

I hope that you are feeling better!