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So, that time I restarted was not my last 😀
I did decide to only do Phase 2 this time and supplement it with the Weight Loss accelerator (members store), just to change things up. And surprisingly this time is working, two weeks in and I am 0.7 pounds away form 100 pounds lost!!! Woohoo!
Now, that I am so close I have decided to go for another 10 pounds. My ultimate goal has always been 175 but once I got there i realized there is plenty of fat to lose, ha! Now that I got to 165 goal and went beyond to almost 162 (started at 162) I see that there still is wiggly spots with cellulite and fat. Will I ever reach no fat (meaning not bulging fat) I hope so!!!!
One of the side effects and I know it is totally weird is that I started having stuffed ear/ popping ear sensations when I exercise. After a little bit of research found that people who lose weight and their bodies are not used to it will develop Eustachian tube problems. What to do? Fist suggestion is to gain weight – no thank you! Second – avoid stimulants like coffee – trying but it is hard. Third: stop exercising – I can’t live without my tennis!!!!