News Forums PS1000 Plan Phase 1 How can I fit 150 oz of water in a day? Reply To: How can I fit 150 oz of water in a day?


Jessica Romeo
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The 1/2 your body weight in ounces is usually a great way to gauge how much water we need to drink, however if you have much more weight to lose you don’t need to try and do that, especially if you are forcing yourself to drink it. A good indicator will be the color of your urine, it it is clear you are drinking too much and your kidneys are likely working too hard, it should be a pale yellow. It is possible to overdo it with water intake so don’t go overboard. I would try and aim for 100 ounces I think that is totally doable, however if you feel thirsty beyond that make sure to drink more! Many fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water and that contributes to what you need also. I hope this helps alleviate the burden of feeling like you need to chug water constantly.