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Carolyn Polanski
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I wasn’t as successful. I planned to be on phase 2 for 3 months in between my 90 day phase 1s. Well, the first 2 months I did great! Stayed within a few pounds of my ending weight for my first phase 1. Definitely had to step up the exercise to do that. Then, my third/last month, I went on vacation and had several big parties (this was in July–lots of bbqs, etc.) and I stopped weighing myself. In one month I gained 15 pounds! (Please note that I have a lot to lose–over 100 pounds–so although 15 pounds may seem a lot to some, I didn’t even change sizes!)

So…I started back on Phase 1 August 1 and have lost those 15 pounds plus another few in the first month. What I learned though, I can’t lose: I have to keep phase 2 shorter in order for me to stay on track and not go back to old habits. I also need to weigh myself every day to stay true and honest to myself. My plan at the end of this time on phase 1 is to do phase 2 for two months (Nov and Dec) during the roughest time of the year, but really hold myself accountable. I can’t tell you how hard it was to forgive myself for my 15 pound gain. It was really demotivating. But getting back on phase 1 helped and my mindset has come around.
At any rate, I learned a lot. I hope it doesn’t take too many times to REALLY learn it! I just wanted to share my story as a way to help others maybe frame up their phase 2.