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Lori Dyckson
Karma Coins: 2 360

Day 8

SW 300
CW 288
MGW 275
GW 150

B coffee yogurt
S protein shake with apple and cinnamon
L salad with turkey
S hummus and peppers
D shrimp, carrots, sliced tomato, apricots

W I can get 96 oz down in a day. that’s 6 16 oz bottles as long as I take them everywhere.

E Water Aerobics

Yay!!! This is truly amazing. And it is so needed to see me going in the right direction. I know most of it is water weight but there’s got to be some fat loss in there some where. Its so encouraging. we’ll have to see what next week is like and that will give me a better idea of the normal loss to expect. Until then, Yahoooooo!

Food for thought: Be appreciative of what’s right with your life. In your gratitude is power to make it even better.