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Jessica Romeo
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Well technically speaking the processed meats are off the menu, they are loaded with processed ingredients. One of the major points of this plan is to get the chemicals out of the body and these sadly aren’t going to help with that.

So the protein is going to be a factor for sure for you, but its not impossible to do either. So since you are lacto-ovo, eating eggs in the morning should be fine. Your other meals/snacks you will want to stick to these protein sources:

cottage cheese
plain greek non-fat yogurt
protein powder (very minimally processed of course)
black beans
kidney beans
pinto beans
garbanzo beans
eggs/egg whites
small portions of nuts (also count as fat serving)

At this time we do not have a vegetarian meal plan out there…I am sorry for that! I can do some digging around and try to come up with something simple. I would say in a pinch if you are absolutely needing to the morningstar meat is not going to be horrible, if it means you are avoiding the breads, pastas and other processed foods while getting tons of veggies etc you will be fine. Ultimately though you want to get them out of your diet.

I hope this helps!

Have a great day