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Lori Dyckson
Karma Coins: 2 360

Day 15

SW 300
CW 286
MGW 275
GW 150

B coffee yogurt
S protein shake with peaches
L salad with turkey
S hummus and peppers
D shrimp, carrots, sliced tomato, pear

W I can get 96 oz down in a day.

E Water Jogging

Yay!!! This is exactly what I should have since I have been sidelined with back pain. And it has improved since I have rested these past days. There’s no water aerobics class at the gym today but I will go do my water jogging. Although its not as vigorous as the class, it is movement and I can quit if I start to feel pain. The WL will eventually be enough to take some pressure off the spine and that will give even more relief.

Food for thought: When you are happy, be thankful and your happiness is greatly multiplied. When you are feeling down, be thankful and you’ll soon be feeling much better.