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Jessica Romeo
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My main concern with supplements is that often times people self diagnose and can cause harm. I don’t really like telling anyone to take supplements beyond the drops and B12 drops, and sometimes a liver supplement. Is there any specific reason you are concerned with being deficient? Also if you are on any medications sometimes it can be a little dangerous to use supplements because there may be drug interactions that happen. I also do recommend for people at some point to ask their doctor to run some lab tests on them. I did this over a year ago and was surprised to know that I was actually not low or high on any of the key vitamins. This can be very helpful and a lot safer than just thinking you need it. However if you are still wanting to get supplements I would go to your nearest health food store, (not a big grocery store) and ask someone there what products they recommend. There are so many on the market that it is impossible for me to keep up and honestly I rarely ever tell someone to take supplements. The main thing is to never go for the cheapest vitamins, this is usually a bad quality vitamin.

Here is a fantastic resource that describes each vitamin, their role in our bodies, the amounts we need and what happens when we have too much or too little of them. For some it will even list drug interactions. So when you go to the site you can click on the vitamin and then click on vitamin name-consumer