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Annalisa Harding
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I’d first like to say that I just completed all the free recipes by Rachel Fiske for the first Phase and they were absolutely delicious. I just purchased the other 7 day recipes from Jessica and I’m excited to try them out. They look fantastic and I’m loving this diet so far.

A few of the recipes by Rachel were confusing, however and it may just be mistakes, but they should be corrected. On Tuesday dinner (Kale Apple Salad) she mentions cooking beets in the instructions but there are no beets in the ingredient list. For Friday dinner (Green Pear Salad) she says to add 1/2 cup slivered almonds to the recipe. There is no way that it would be a 217 calorie meal adding that much almonds plus a pear. Perhaps she meant 1/2 oz? Finally, on Saturday lunch (Pear and Parsley Smoothie), in the description of the smoothie, she states “This unique flavor combination offers a myriad of key nutrients and healthy fat from avocado…” Yet there is no avocado in the recipe at all.

It would be nice if someone could look them over and make corrections. Thank you!