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    Cassie Giddings
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    What is your suggestion for adding in grains and fats? How many servings when and where?
    Okay, so here we go, starting phase 3 on Monday.

    ON Phase 2, limited Grains to occasional Mary’s gone crackers and oatmeal, no bread or rice.
    Tracking Fats, I see the trend was in olive oil, coconut oil, dressings, avocados, nuts and added in chia seeds and flax oil on occasion.

    I’m working to better understand the balance of food in the diet here! Any suggestions would be helpful.
    40C – book says dark rice, wheat breads and veggies.
    30P – assume we stick to the 5 protein a day servings?
    30F – this diet taught me to use less olive oil.

    I will say the biggest change in my diet was eliminating alcohol & grains and reducing oil. I don’t eat junk food or fried foods so key here is understanding how to maintain the hormonal balance in my diet. Thank you!


    Jessica Romeo
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    I answered this question in the other location that you posted it 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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