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    Betty LeGoff
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    Where can I find the approved food list or does that come in my package? I just joined and haven’t received my materials yet.


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    Hi Betty, Welcome to the group. The approved. Food list is in the PS1000 Book that will come with your drops. The list is also in the Facebook pages if you are already a member there. I have also. Attached copies of the pages below in case you want to go head and get your shopping done. Let me know if yuh have. Any questions and I will be happy to Mary to help well as most other mmmbers of. This group.


    Casey Siegel
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    Can anyone tell me if olives (not olive oil) are approved for Phase 1?
    Thanks in advance!


    Kim Hoff
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    I just joined and I am very intimidated by the grocery lists and recipes. I haven’t received my packet yet, but would love to be able to look at an approved food list! Already feeling like a failure based on what I see online. I don’t have much time to cook!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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