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    There have been two customers who have emailed in back to back regarding their mood improvements since eating healthy and taking sugars and processed foods completely out of their diets. While at first we found it a coincidence that two different customers e-mailed in about the same issue, looking back it makes perfect sense because sugars are known to create mood swings, and processed foods only to leave our guts unhappy which in turn causes us to become unhappy. What are your thoughts on this issue, and have you had any personal experience with this?

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    Tammy DiCarlo
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    My bad mood from making poor choices has nothing to do with sugar but the fact that I have veered off course. I do not have “cheat” days or meals – I try to look at it as “choice” days – I am choosing to eat off course and mentally am ok with it … Makes me feel in control of my intake and confident I will get back in sync with my next meal .


    Rachel Fiske
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    Tammy, I love that! I think that a lot of healthy eating success (I like to think of it like that rather than the word ‘dieting’) is being kind and patient with ourselves. If we admit that sometimes we slip and probably won’t always be perfect, we are much more able to accept these slips in stride and simply get back on track. However, if we beat ourselves up for having failed, this can launch us into a binge or a more serious veer off of our path to health. Keep up the good work, everyone!


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    I am 35 years old, taking Wellbutrin for depression and I weigh 170. I just started the PS1000 Program Monday. (yesterday) I can already tell a difference in my mood. I don’t know if it’s chemical, hormonal, emotional or mental. Any thoughts or experience with this topic?


    Jessica Romeo
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    I am assuming that you mean your mood is changing for the better? If so YES that is incredible! I truly believe that the strongest connector to our hormones/moods is diet first! Keep up the great work 🙂


    Regina Post
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    I’m looking forward to this awesome affect of the program. So is sugar off limits for life. Do you just use stevia? How about honey? Syrup?


    Jessica Romeo
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    No honey, syrup or any sugars. I personally prefer to avoid stevia but many do like using it on occasion. I like to use fruit and freshly squeezed fruit to sweeten my foods 🙂


    Margarita Assenova
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    I use Erythritol as a sweetener – much better and much tastier than Stevia or Truvia (although it is one of the ingredients in Truvia). In fact, it tastes like sugar, but has no calories and no sugar content. A recent Harvard University study showed that only real sugars – honey, agave, and fructose included – trigger our brain’s addiction center, not artificial sweeteners. In other words, we cannot become addicted to sugar if we use artificial sweeteners. They also do not affect our moods like sugar does. I had to battle a major sugar addiction and Erythritol helped me a lot, along with the PS1000 recommended protein-rich eating plan.


    Vanessa Niemi
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    Funny. I have a history of mood issues and in this first week I have been weepy and sad for no apparent reason. It comes and goes at odd times, so it isn’t constant. Im hoping that my moods settle down after being on the program for a while.


    Samantha Rogers
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    I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my moods since being on the program. I do believe that eating healthier has a positive effect on mood. When I give into my cravings and eat badly, I do notice the difference in mood in the next days or so. You may ask if my mood is directly related to the guilt that comes from eating unhealthy. I say that it empowers me to choose to eat healthy and also to make a conscious decision to eat things that are ‘not so healthy’ and I typically don’t feel guilty when I do. I am treating this program as a lifestyle change and expect that I will sometimes go ‘off plan’. When that happens, I just get right back on track and keep it moving. I truly believe this keeps my moods in check. Health and weight management is a constant struggle and we have to give ourselves regular physical as well as mental breaks.


    T Love
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    I definitely feel better since I’ve started PS1000. I have a lot more energy. I really think the drops help and also making better food choices. Because I have more energy I want to exercise and keep busy. Before PS1000 I was sluggish and watching a lot of TV. Nowadays, I’m doing a lot less of that.

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