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    Just received my PS 1000 package and getting familiar with everything before I start. I am not sure but do I use the B-complex drops 3 times per day the same as the original drops or to what frequency?


    Jennifer Daniels
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    Hello I take the B-complex drops once daily 15 mins after I take the metabolic boost in the morning. I have been living this lifestyle since January 1, 2017 and am down over 28 pounds.

    I hop that helps


    Michelle Bueno
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    The B complex vitamins give you a lot of energy. I would recommend taking them once a day in the morning or before a workout but avoid anything before bed.


    Terrie Richards
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    I read the same, one time in the morning but NOT at the same time as your other drops … give at least a 15 minute difference


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    Hi everyone. My name is Archie. I have not yet received my package in the mail but am so happy to read what I read. I am so nervous about doing this. I will continue to read for guidance along the way. Cant wait til my package comes in. Also I didn’t buy the b complex vitamin , I got the gold package. I will just go to store today and purchase it separately.


    Jennifer Daniels
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    That’s how I purchased as well. Don’t be nervous this is a change in lifestyle that will make you look and feel better then you ever have. Be nervous if you do nothing be happy that you recognized a problem and celebrate overcoming it. Whether you know it or not YOU REALLY DO GOT THIS!!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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