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    Cassie Giddings
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    I’m 58 and post menopausal, and want to learn more about how ps1000 helps balance hormones? I am not on thyroid medication, but several of my friends are now! I have read there is a relationship with diet and thyroid, and curious how ps1000 can help?
    Any information you provide would be appreciated! Thanks


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    Hi, I’m 54 and post menaupausak and have a thyroid disease, Hashimoto, for which I take regular meds. I’m no expert but will just tell you about my own experience. Had struggled with 20 pounds for the longest time and had everyone tell me how hard it is to drop weight with this condition. And they were right, until I found this plan. I lost 20 lbs in two months and never felt better. I still take my thyroid meds but the difference was the weight loss and the energy I gained from this plan. I highly recommend it, but of course check with your doctor. My endocrinologist had no issues with me taking the drops.


    Jessica Romeo
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    Marcella that is wonderful to hear! So glad you feel so much better, its really amazing how much our diet affects our energy and moods. I agree with that statement as well if there is any concern about it at all I would definitely visit the Dr. first. I think the biggest concern with hormone issues and thyroid is a prolonged low calorie diet that will most definitely cause problems. Dropping calories for a short term like in Phase 1 and then going to Phase 2 to reset your metabolism to the set point that your body needs.

    Hopefully this is helpful and not more confusing! Let me know.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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