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    Jamie Grubb
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    I just started today and I have to travel for 6 days on day 9. Can you tell me if there are any type of protein bars that would help? I will be in conferences from sun up till sun down most of those days. I am getting meals provided and requested gluten free hoping that would help with breads or additives. I can fruit, yogurt and nuts to keep in my purse for snacks and if lunch is not OK, but any ideas are appreciated.

    Also, does it matter what times or when you eat your meals and snacks other than not less than 2 hours before bed? I tend to like to eat a snack at lunch and my main meal mid afternoon with lighter meals in the late afternoon and evening.



    Eva PS1000
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    I don’t this Bars are allowed but I occasionally use Quest protein bars which taste amazing!


    Jessica Romeo
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    Yeah for most part bars are not allowed as getting hooked on them for a constant meal replacement is not the healthiest longterm. However busy lives sometimes require something to grab quick in a pinch. In that case I would stick to Quest protein bars, RX bars, or a protein bar that has ample amount of protein (more than 15 grams) and lower than 200 calories (so you can stay in your calorie range for the day). Also look for the least amount of sugar and “other” ingredients. Again, do this only when you absolutely can not find an alternative 🙂


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    I noticed that these bars have a lot carbs [23], is that good? The Quest bars I have tried [and they are so good] have at least 1gm of sugar, 20gm protein and 23g carbs.



    If possible, it is best to stay away from bars in phase 1 all together- try other snack alternatives. Protein shake, nuts, etc.



    joy stearns
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    I read on some post on here that Lara bars are another good one to use

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