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    A customer recently called in expressing some frustration about simply not having the power to stay on the diet path without completely binging for a couple days. Remorse set in for her, and she wanted to get back on the diet program only to fail again in the same cycle. This can leave people feeling very helpless, frustrated, and angry with themselves. There is no reason to be hard on yourself, but instead figure out what triggers the binge sessions. Tell if you have ever been in this situation yourself, and how did you successfully take control of the problem?


    Judalon Smyth
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    I can identify with this and right now am not dealing with it very well.


    Brad Goudie
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    My second round with Phase 1, this has proven to be a real challenge. I have had to force myself to remember first round and the success I come to know by having the discipline and focus. It is that which I choose to return too. This reflection helps me to dig deep and say NO to the binging. Now I am starting to see the loss again and it feels good.


    Tammy DiCarlo
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    I have known for years that my entire weight problem is MENTAL !! I have to keep my eye on the prize… Now that I have lost weight I keep my clothes that I feel fabulous in – in full view. I also use my FB. PS friends to help me regroup if I am out of sync. This is a life long journey for me – I have had a poor relationship with food for 40 years. Even in maintenance I stick to the basic phase 1 guidelines to help keep me from old habits – if I didn’t I would be back to square one ??


    Jessica Romeo
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    Tammy that is a great way to keep yourself accountable! I am that way as well, I love being able to fit into my “cute” clothes I call them. In fact I feel far better overall in life when I can slip on a pair of jeans and them fit perfectly. Using this to hold you accountable can actually be more helpful than weighing yourself on a scale in my opinion. Good idea as far as sticking to the Phase 1 guidelines in order to stay on track, I think even if you just stick to those food choices 90% of the time it will most definitely keep you from slipping back to old habits….eventually those habits will be a distant memory.


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    I had a great first week (even battling some sleeplessness). My cravings were minimal and my ability to stay on program was boosted by all the community support. I am three days into week two and I am still losing weight – so I have not stalled, but my emotions are really in an uproar! I am not typically an emotional eater but I am having a hard time overcoming the urge to comfort myself with food. Are my hormones still being reset?


    Angela Demma
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    I suffer from this badly. I did get 1st week then 2 and 3rd week stood still zero loss. I was on track writing down food did water etc..emailed support and nothing. So I went off for a few weeks then back on lost 4.5 lbs more then 1lb etc. Got Laid off and been off for like 4 months gained back 6lbs and I am trying to get my head to try again. I need to loose at least 20lbs in next 6 months if I can dorp 25lbs even better. I am my own worse enemy. 🙁


    Angela Hensley
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    I found that once in awhile I would have a cheat meal (special occasion) and I would see it as a license to ‘binge’ on refined carbs and bad fat. After I would physically feel horrible, drowsy and sick to my stomache. I used this as motivation to keep eating clean because I feel so much better when I do. Not that an occasional cheat meal is the end of the world (life happens), but if I learn to moderate my choices, there would be less consequences. This has shown me how much food can be an addiction just like any other.


    Kelsey Haase
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    I struggled with this a few times untill I decided to take progress pictures to try to make myself think about weather binging would be worth it. I found different approved sweets if I was feeling something sweet or I would have several meals preped in the freezer to help me make better choices.

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