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    Lauren Santucci
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    Hi everyone!
    I just happened upon this diet program online and it sounded really good to me! I am an active senior who unfortunately loves sweets and carbs, so this approach of detoxifying yourself sounded like it might be a good one for me to get started! I need to lose 18-20 lbs. and am anxious to see if this will help my ongoing sciatica. I am a bookkeeper 5 days a week so other than walking from public transportation to the workplace I don’t do any other excercising which isn’t the best! I am looking forward to starting within a few days, but want to get in the necessary foods to get started. I have a couple of questions…..first, I see there is a recipe for boneless chicken thighs in phase 1 but in the book it says only white chicken breasts are allowed. Does anyone know if boneless skinless thighs okay?? Second, on the melba toast is it just 1 serving just how many crackers are listed as 1 serving on the box? Finally, are cooking sprays not allowed?

    I would love it if any of you could answer these questions or direct me on how to find answers!

    Thanks so much in advance! I look forward to staying in touch.



    Welcome to the program! I am responding twice so others have a chance to read in both places! Ask any questions you see fit here!

    Hi Lauren,
    Thanks for posting! This is a great place to get your questions answered… also check out the close and private Facebook page!
    1. Yes Chicken thighs are allowed. It says white chicken breasts in the book, but these are “okay” too.
    2. No calorie olive oil cooking spray is great to use, and you don’t need to “count it” as a healthy fat.
    3. In the book it says no more than 1 serving per day no more than 30 calories regarding Melba toast.
    4. Any and all bars are approved in Phase 2. Try and stay away from them in Phase 1!
    Hope this helps



    You will also see a Phase 1 approved recipe with Chicken Thighs:


    T Love
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    Thanks Lauren! This is all great information. That recipe looks delicious and pretty easy to make.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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