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    Paula Gunning
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    I started out at 220 pounds on a 5 foot 4 inch body. I’ll be 56 in April. I followed the provided menu the first week without cheating and lost 4 pounds. When I began exercising in week 3, I gained 3. After increasing my calories a little, I began losing weight again, a total of 9 pounds by week 5. I then gained and lost the same pound until week 9. A very low calorie day did not restart the weight loss; I tried 5 times-once a week. I believe a stressful situation slowed my progress, one which is just know beginning to resolve, plus a funeral trip and eating out once with my sister (I was careful, though). Weeks 9 I lost 2 pounds, none in week 10. I hurt my knee and shoulder exercising in week 10 and had to stop, so I dropped my calorie intake back down. It was rough after getting used to eating more. This is week 11, and I seem to be the same weight as last week. I think my shoulder has improved enough to begin exercise again, but not my knee, so I’ll have to be very careful. I hope that I am not starting another plateau. On the bright side, I’ve lost 10 pounds. I can wear my jeans again, and I have more energy.


    Mary Beth Gunderson
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    thank you


    cindy McConnell
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    Hi Paula
    Good for u to not quit. I can see u r really dedicated. B strong, ur efforts will pay off in the long run. I too get discouraged by the plateaus and ups and downs with the scale. I weigh morning and night. Probably too much but I need the instant gratification to keep going. Good luck u r on a good path.


    Sharon Skapura
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    Stay strong! I also have weight fluctuations. Its difficult losing weight at the age of 59!

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