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    Trina C
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    I’m just wondering if there are any other Canadians using PS1000. I ordered quite a while ago and still haven’t got my order.


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    Hi there, I think it took mine about a week and half to get my package. Hopefully you get yours soon.



    It looks like your tracking number is: HJ261975372US through USPS

    It arrived in Canada and should be to your shortly. Looks like the order was placed on 4/19. To Canada the ship time can be anywhere from 7-10 business days.



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    I just got mine today. It takes approximately 7 days. By the way, I’m Canadian too.


    Trina C
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    My drops have arrived and I think I’ve recruited a friend to join me. ?Excited to have someone close to plan with.

    I’ve had a rough week though so far and it’s only Monday night. I really didn’t clue in to how I sooth myself when stress hits until today, and I’m sure I’m only recognizing it because I have been waiting and planning to start this program. I have been trying to stay aware of everything I put in my mouth, and was doing great, but sadly that came to a screaming halt today as I unknowingly ate an entire roll of pilsbury cookie dough. Only to come to my senses when I went to throw the package away. It was like I wasn’t even present as I scarfed it down. I’m just sick at the fact that my emotions have that much control over me. It no wonder I have 70lbs to lose. If I hadn’t been preparing for ps1000, I probably wouldn’t have even clued in. It was a sad day…but come on.

    My beautiful 9 year old dog has torn the ligament in his back leg. He has to be on strict bed rest for 4-6 weeks. If we don’t kennel him and restrict any opportunity to run or jump, it could mean a $4800 surgery with no guarantee of quality of life due to the addition of hip displacia. He is so precious to my family and we can’t bare to watch him suffer. If strict rest doesn’t work, I will be devestated.

    My dog is one of my family, he got me through a tough divorce and helped me raise my kids as a single parent. God bless him for the tears his coat has soaked up. Truly my friend and companion.

    I know I need to learn how to cope better obviously, but like I said, till today I have never been so horrified by the sight of empty wrappers. It was an eye opening experience I pray I can stop from ever happening again.

    Why did I have pilsbury cookie dough in the first place you may ask. I bought it to make for the children at our Early Childhood playgroup at work. Shame on me. I ate the children’s cookies. Maybe they are better off without them too.?

    Trina C

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