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    Wendy S.
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    I’m new and starting the program tomorrow. I’m confused about the right protein portion size. The book says up to 5 oz. weighed before cooking. What is the proper cooked weight? Some of the menu plans and recipes seem to suggest 4-5 oz. is the right size (like canned tuna for example). Could you clarify? Thanks.



    When you cook meats they loose some of their weight through juices etc. so before you cook it it will weight more 5 Oz. So your target is 4oz of cooked meat. Does that make sense?


    Mary Beth Gunderson
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    thank you


    mayang berg
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    I am just about to start and not sure about 5 oz. I don’t have weighing scale so is there a simple way to estimate 5oz meat for example?


    Sharon Sanderson
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    The size of a deck of cards, but if you can get a good digital scale and weigh what you eat. I use a scale because portion sizes or the size of a deck of cards tends to grow quite quickly.

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