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    Kay Gibson
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    If you have used all your 5 proteins, fats, fruits, veggies and options and under your 1000 calories can you add another fruit or veggie or a few more ounces of protein? I stuck to this all week, lost 11#’sbut some days I was only at 800 calories and was pretty hungry at times.


    Kelsey Haase
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    Great job on losing 11 pounds!!

    In the book it says 800-1000 calories. Personally I try 900, I feel very hungry on 800 but then on 1000 calorie days I don’t lose as much weight. 900 is my happy place but if I need to get to my minimum calories I usually add a veggie. I stay away from adding a fruit. But if I hit the minimum and I feel hungry I drink a lot of water and if I’m like starving I know my bodies cue but most of the time water will kick my hunger.


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    Hi Kay, we generally do not recommend going bellow 900 calories because your body can go into starvation mode.
    It does sound that you are in the second week plateau which is very usual and nothing to worry about.
    If you are short on calories we recommend you add more fat.


    Kim Hoff
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    Do we have to follow the menu or can we modify and keep track of our micronutrients to make sure we reach the daily goal? New and confused?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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