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    Paula Gunning
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    A routine physical with blood work turned up a potassium level of 1.9, dramatically increasing my risk for a heart attack! Careful screening narrowed down the cause to only one possibility: extended dieting. Ps1000 members should be made aware of this possible health issue.
    I began ps1000 just over a year ago. After succumbing repeatedly to various illnesses, my doctor suggested altering the diet, adding calories. My health dramatically improved, and I slowly lost the weight gained while ill, 1-4 pounds a month. At this time my bloodwork was normal.
    Now, 6 months later, I’m in trouble. Apparently even the gradual loss of body fat over extended periods can drop potassium levels. I was ordered to eat more potassium-rich foods daily; on ps1000 I was consuming only 1 a day. My blood will be retested soon. If the levels are still unacceptable, a supplemental prescription is next. This would be my first; at 57, I enjoy good health (aside from allergies and pituitary issues) and need no other prescriptions.
    I will continue to apply the lessons learned while on ps1000 to make better food choices, but will no longer try to maintain the diet.

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