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    Vanessa Niemi
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    Hey everyone!
    Has anyone had trouble talking to doctors about this program? I spoke to three of my doctors and they gave me some parameters for going on different diets. In my opinion PS1000 was by far the best.
    1. You get to make your own food. The reason this is a HUGE reason is that you can maintain it. If someone else is making your food how can you keep going?
    2. It is REAL food. If I was eating bars and shakes I would have no idea what a real meal or portion size would look like after that particular diet.
    3. PS1000 stands behind their product. Other diets I looked into had NO guarantee. This gave me some comfort and affirmation that PS1000 is a good program.
    4. The support!!

    Those are a few of the reasons I love PS1000. The only part that worries me about going to my doctors with my decision to go with this program is the calorie amount. In the past I’ve been told not to go below 1400. However, I did that for over a YEAR and lost not one pound!!! I’ve already lost almost 8 pounds in my first week.

    Just curious how folks handle negative comments from others. I still believe in the program, it is just frustrating to hear judgmental comments from folks who really don’t know anything about PS1000.


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    I presented this plan to my doctor and got his unwavering support. He likes it for the same reasons you do and although he paused briefly at my calorie intake, he told me it was acceptable for phase one. I am fortunate to have amazing support from family, friends and my doctor! Everyone is impressed with how this is a lifestyle change and not a “diet”.


    Paula Gunning
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    My doctor also expressed concern due to the severity of the calorie intake. He suggested listening to my body-if I’m hungry, eat more of the right stuff. When I started exercising, I stopped losing weight, probably because I was not eating enough. I’v recently added more food and a bit more drops. Hopefully I’ll begin losing again.


    Vanessa Niemi
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    Hi Paula! Good thought from the doctor since we know our bodies best. I am focusing on the food side of things, so haven’t started an exercising routine yet. I suppose the proof will be in the pudding when my cholesterol levels come back better!

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