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    Sherri Friesen
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    Okay. I just got my materials and I was stunned with the advice given on page 28 of the booklet that eating out was forbidden on the PS1000 plan in phase 1. In my mind, for a program that stresses this is a lifestyle rather than a diet, it seems like a total and utter cop out. Being able to make good choices when one is not in complete control seems to me to be the key to ultimate success. Should we also avoid eating at our friend’s houses? What about our families? Truth is we are social beings, and sharing food and drink is something that is integral in our society. The statement that “many of their meats and foods are made to taste better by use of refined sugars” is complete and utter nonsense. Rather than educate people on how to navigate a restaurant menu and make good choices it is recommended to just avoid restaurants altogether. There are ALWAYS good choices to be made in any situation. Even McDonald’s offers choices that would be acceptable in Phase 1. I hope the drops contain more substance than the ‘advice’ in the booklet.


    Kelly Davis
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    Thank you! I got my booklet today and was excited to start but headed to my husbands parents house in Ohio on Wednesday which is essentially the same as eating out the entire time I’m there. I was really hoping to start tomorrow but guess I will have to wait until we get back. I would really appreciate any feedback anyone has on how to make Phase 1 work when put in situations where you can’t 100% control what you are eating. 90 days is a long time to be in complete control of every meal.

    P.S. I really don’t want this to come across as a cop out. Am very dedicated to follow the program, but this is one area where I hope the support group can provide ways to make it work.


    Jessica Romeo
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    Well I will address that eating out is not forbidden, however if someone is not quite ready to move onto making the right choices in a restaurant environment, eating out regularly is highly discouraged until blood sugar levels are stable and there is a better handle on what foods are going to get results faster.

    Of course eating out and at homes of friends and family’s is going to happen, we are social beings. There are of course ways to mitigate the negative parts of social dining. I actually wrote this article:

    My Travel Survival Guide

    This helps address some of those questions about making your plan work in situations that you can’t necessarily control. I hope it helps!


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    That article is great, Jessica! My extended family eats out a lot so that is very valuable info for me.


    Jessica Romeo
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    I am so glad that it is helpful to you 🙂


    Paula Gunning
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    I’ve had quite a few grilled chicken and lettuce salads away from home. Most restaurants offer something like this. It’s not easy to eat out. McDonald’s grilled chicken sandwich sans bun and mayo with a garden salad was OK. Culver’s grilled chicken salad with vinaigrette on the side wasn’t bad either. Kebob at an Indian restaurant was OK. If I could afford it, maybe a grilled steak with a side salad would be a treat.



    Eating out is doable, you just have to cater it to the diet which can be hard at some places. The advice in the book is actually very helpful, and people are seeing real results. How you interpret the advice is up to you. Moderation is key when eating out, but to make it easier they suggest not to in Phase 1. Everyone has a social life, and will eventually eat out but they will do it with caution too! Just try and eat clean when dining out, and you will see results.


    Sharon Skapura
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    I tend to either maintain the same weight or even gain a little if I eat out during the first phase.

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