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    Sarah Vail
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    According to the book, exercise only counts (for extra calories) if it is done for 60 consecutive minutes, correct? I do 20-30 in the morning and 45 or more after work. My weight loss has stalled and I’m wondering if I need the extra calories, but this rule is holding me back. Thoughts?


    Jennifer Daniels
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    I think that it is the total for the day as you are burning more calories then someone not doing anything. I work out now 5 days a week (soon to be 7)and on the days I work out I add the extra calories and the extra drops and on the days I don’t work out I use the normal amounts. It has worked well for me. I stalled out the second week and the weight has been coming off slowly but steady. I started week four 17 pounds lighter. I think you need the extra calories and drops so your body does not go into starvation mode. I hope that helps



    Exercise is exercise even if it is broken up! You will know when your body needs a few extra calories because of a tougher workout. Listen closely to how you are feeling!


    Todd Smith
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    For me increasing my exercise minutes or increasing the INTENSITY of the exercise minutes you are currently can get you past a stall, increasing water along the way.

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