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    Paula Gunning
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    I suffer from a faulty pituitary gland. I began gaining weight in my mid-twenties; diet and exercise did nothing to change the slow but steady increase. When my first child arrived (at age 38), I managed a before and after pregnancy weight of 200 pounds, but was unable to lose anything. Two years later constant fatigue finally motivated my OB-gyn to request an endocrinology consult, and the condition was discovered. I was told that I would probably reach 400 lbs. We tried to compensate for the faulty gland with medication, but is was a disaster. My levels fluctuate so wildly that I cannot take medication for it. I have since had a second child (at age 42) and 13 more years of weight gain despite diet and exercise (215 lbs.-at least its not 400!) I have high cholesterol and am insulin resistant. I am hoping that ps1000 helps bring my weight back down to below 200 lbs (150 would be great). Paula

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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