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    Lynnette Stevens
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    I’m about 2 weeks away from starting phase 2 and I’m feeling a little uneasy. I’ve become so comfortable with my diet now, I’m very reluctant to change. How much do I really need to add to my diet in phase 2? How different is it really? I’m pulling out my book today to study it again, but I would love to hear from those people on the diet who have transitioned into phase 2 and what changes they made.


    Jessica Romeo
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    Lynette I know that fear! I think the biggest advice that I have is to take baby steps…For example just increase your calories by 100-200 of the same foods you are already eating, maybe introduce one new thing like sweet potatoes, then do that for at least a week and see how it affects your body/weight and moods. I think the goal is to gradually get to the 1500 calorie level to keep your body from re-gaining weight and to instead hit your “set” point weight. I know that bread is an option, but personally I would keep that to a minimum if at all, your body will likely retain more water with the bread and could cause you some frustration, plus digestive system may be annoyed too!

    So basically just stick to what you are doing, add in a little bit extra of those same foods and maybe add in a little sweet potato.

    Let me know if you have any other specific questions?



    Jennifer Myers
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    I am in the same boat. I still have a few more pounds to lose but am also afraid of gaining the weight i have lost. Good idea on the baby steps. I will do that. thanks for the advice


    April Larkin
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    What a great idea increasing 1 thing and see what happens.


    Cassie Giddings
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    I am wrapping up phase 2, the suggestion to add foods gradually went well. It felt like I was eating a lot of calories to make the 1500 mark.
    Tracking the calories and watching how different foods added to the count helped in understanding how to better balance calories in a day.

    Thanks to Jessica’s phase 2 recipe suggestions, I was found ways to add in calories by adding an extra scoop of protein powder on an active day, or extra fruit alternatives, such as watermelon, banana, pineapple, and sweet potatoes for dinner or breakfast. I also added oatmeal on occasion.

    3 more days on phase 2 and I feel good, weight was stable, as I tried to be consistent with what I ate.
    I did feel better and had more energy with the extra calories on my active days.


    Jessica Romeo
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    I am so glad that it worked well! I know it can seem a little intimidating to deviate from Phase 1 but it sounds like you are doing the right thing by asking how to go about doing it and actually listening to the advice 🙂 I am so happy for your success! Keep up the great work I am sure you are feeling fantastic.


    Carolyn Polanski
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    I wasn’t as successful. I planned to be on phase 2 for 3 months in between my 90 day phase 1s. Well, the first 2 months I did great! Stayed within a few pounds of my ending weight for my first phase 1. Definitely had to step up the exercise to do that. Then, my third/last month, I went on vacation and had several big parties (this was in July–lots of bbqs, etc.) and I stopped weighing myself. In one month I gained 15 pounds! (Please note that I have a lot to lose–over 100 pounds–so although 15 pounds may seem a lot to some, I didn’t even change sizes!)

    So…I started back on Phase 1 August 1 and have lost those 15 pounds plus another few in the first month. What I learned though, I can’t lose: I have to keep phase 2 shorter in order for me to stay on track and not go back to old habits. I also need to weigh myself every day to stay true and honest to myself. My plan at the end of this time on phase 1 is to do phase 2 for two months (Nov and Dec) during the roughest time of the year, but really hold myself accountable. I can’t tell you how hard it was to forgive myself for my 15 pound gain. It was really demotivating. But getting back on phase 1 helped and my mindset has come around.
    At any rate, I learned a lot. I hope it doesn’t take too many times to REALLY learn it! I just wanted to share my story as a way to help others maybe frame up their phase 2.


    Cory L
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    It’s definitely a journey for sure. Weight loss is such a mind game, it’s so much about keeping the right mindset every day, and sometimes reminding yourself of what you’re doing hourly. The main thing I’ve learned is to not be so hard on myself, celebrate success, but understand that there will be successes and non-successes along the way. The important thing is to never give up!

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