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    Carol Pfeiffer
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    I started the PS1000 plan a little after the beginning of the year. I was interested in the plan because it had great ratings and also because it focused on real meal planning and preparation. My hope was that this time I wouldn’t just lose weight, but I was also develop healthier habits.

    While I’ve been on the diet, I’ve had a few major challenges. I went on my first cruise for a week in February, and then last week I had to travel for business and had vendors buying me meals for most of the week. I didn’t “go nuts” in either situation, but I also didn’t follow the plan. I let myself take a bit of a break.

    What has been amazing to me has been how I’ve handled the inevitable weight gain associated with those weeks. On any other diet in the past, I would have been incredibly discouraged by any weight gain. I was disappointed by it, but for the first time, it didn’t seem like that big of a problem. I was completely confident that all I needed to do was get back on the program, and the little weight I gained would come right off, and I’d be trending in the right direction again.

    For the first time in my life, I feel like I am totally in control of my weight. I know that I can lose the rest of the weight I want to lose, and I know if I have setbacks, I can recover from them. Even with the setbacks, I’ve lost around 22 pounds so far this year, and I’m only three pounds away from the top of my healthy weight BMI range. I’ll still have a little ways to go since I want to be a little closer to the middle of that BMI range, but I’m sure I can get there.

    I have struggled with gaining then losing weight all of my adult life. I am so excited to finally feel like I don’t have to go through that ever again. I finally found a diet that I can live with. I know that if I do end up gaining a few pounds back in the future, I have the tools I need to get back on track right away – instead of waiting until I’ve gained 20-30 pounds.

    I’m really looking forward to my next 10 pounds or so of weight loss because I’m finally at that point where a few pounds really makes a difference. More than that, I’m looking forward to a future where I am in control of my weight – and not the other way around.


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    Wow Carol! I loved reading this and it gave me such a sense of encouragement. I don’t know if that was your intent but it sure helped me with a positive boost. I have been on the plan since the beginning of the year as well and experienced a great initial weight loss. Then I ended up going out of state for a funeral and experienced a small gain. I was only home for a week when I had to go out of state for ANOTHER funeral. While I was at the funeral, my daughter gave birth to a premature baby girl and I left one state to go to another. I have been with her for a month and will not be going home for another week. I had my plan guidebook with me but have still found it hard to stay with the approved foods list. I continue to exercise and am active on this site and facebook. Because of this, I know I will be able to start again when I am finally back home. My goal is to become more comfortable with t he plan so that when I am away from home I can still follow it. I have said many times that it is a lifestyle change and I believe that. But when you have spent so many years eating one way and then try to change it, old habits are more likely to reappear at the beginning. Anyway – thanks for your thoughts and I look forward to getting back to basics.


    Paula Gunning
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    Both of you, thank you for postings. I’ve been off-diet for about three weeks now due to an extended illness and the consequences of antibiotic use. I have every intention of returning to the ps1000 plan as soon as I am physically able. It’s very encouraging to hear that others have had to take breaks but are also going back to work on their weight. This is my first (and hopefully last) attempt using a weight loss diet. and I was feeling rather discouraged by this set-back.
    Like you, I feel that I am in control using this program; the food choices are varied enough and obtainable, for the most part, so staying on the program isn’t too hard. Life just seems to get in the way sometimes. I’ve plateaued at around ten pounds, so I’ve modified my end-of-June goal to a modest 20 total pounds (at 5’4″ I’ll then weigh 200 pounds).
    My dad’s health is failing, so I plan to drive myself and my two daughters (non-drivers) to visit my parents this summer, spend a month in their home state, and then drive the three of us back in time for the start of the school year (2200 miles round trip plus in-state travel!). If I meet my weight loss goal in the next four weeks, I hope to be on stage 3. If my goal takes longer, I’ll be on stage 2 during the trip to simplify eating. I plan on going back to stage 1 in August to continue losing weight.
    I don’t lose weight as easily as some on this diet, but just the fact that there has been progress is a real blessing. FYI Today I turn 56.
    Happy Eater, everyone.


    Carol Pfeiffer
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    Happy birthday! Thanks for sharing. I have definitely had to modify some of my time-based weight loss goals as well. Working towards a specific goal by a particular time can be motivating for me, but it can also be really discouraging when things come up that set me back so that I won’t hit my goal in the originally planned time-frame.

    For me, it seems that most of the times when I set a “lose X amount by X date” goal, they end up backfiring. When I don’t meet that goal, I end up feeling like a failure even when I actually succeeded at making a lot of progress towards my long term goals. I’m trying to move away from those kinds of goals toward more open-ended ones (fit into this or that pair of jeans, lose 10 lbs, lose 15 lbs, lose 20 lbs., etc.,). When I do that, I get to focus more on what I’ve accomplished instead of what I haven’t accomplished.

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