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    D Castele
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    I am in my second week, and I haven’t even weighed or measured myself to see how much progress I’ve made. I don’t need to, because all my clothes are loosening up and I feel good. I know this plan is working and don’t want to get caught up in “pounds and inches…” I was on HCG a few years ago and lost 50 pounds, held it for a year and then started gaining again. Since then I have been trying to find something that works for me but doesn’t restrict me like HCG did, (especially with some of the side effects!) Looks like PS1000 fits the bill, and I am doing well, not tempted to eat the wrong stuff and moving forward with my never-ending challenge of healthy eating and proper use of food — finally!


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    Congratulations! What an inspiration to others on this plan. Keep up the great work!


    Lalalandia Vidriera
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    Congratulations D.Castelle,your words are are more that welcome for people like me who is doing her second day. I don’t feel the craving. I didnt measured in details but I did record my weight. I’m experimenting with the food and so far I feel good.Have all of you participating in this forum a very healthy incoming week(-:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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