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    Trina C
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    Hi everybody. Just wanted to let all of the new comers know that there is a free 7 day menu plan for Phase 1 available for download in the members store. I stumbled on it tonight and I can definitely say that this will help me out for sure. I’ve read some comments in other forums about people wishing there was an example of how to get started and what to eat. I had the same question, so hope you all check it out and save some research time. Even has a grocery list?

    Trina C

    FYI. THERE IS ALSO A FREE MENU PLAN FOR PHASE 2. Found in the same place. Thank you Jessica

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    The facebook page also has menu plans (look under files) and fun recipes from other members to incorporate into your plans once you get started.


    Cory L
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    Nice!! Thanks ladies! I LOVE the 7 day plan on here in the store, I didn’t notice the phase 2 plan, but I’ll go check that out for the future! 🙂


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    Thanks Jessica for doing this. This helps me a lot. I can now go and do my shopping for the full week and start prep on the weekend. It looks like a lot of food. Thanks once again.


    joy stearns
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    I’m new today! But confused on the cottage cheese in the 1st menu plan in the book. It shows it as a snack. That would be 4 proteins in day? Just wanted to ask for sure. Thank you.

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