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    Marybeth Lewis-McLaughlin
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    Bought the 90 day program; been on it 11 days now and feel like I’m starving myself. Measuring all intake, eating everything I’m supposed to – not hungry during the day, but when I get home, I’m starving and I go to sleep with my stomach growling. Started at 165 – now weigh 167.2. The only thing I can’t manage to do is drink all the water; I vomited the first few days trying to gag down the required amount, so I’ve laid off a bit. Maybe that’s the problem.

    I was so excited to start this, and am trying to keep a positive attitude. But it’s getting very hard. Help!


    Nancy Rojas
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    Wow, that’s so odd & serious. I do get hungry after 2. To help with that we have been having dinner earlier.
    You should call customer service for advise.

    Best of luck.


    Elizabeth Estess
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    Completely understand, as I didn’t lose any weight after my first week and doing all of the eating and drinking water and drops etc. Yet, I feel so much better and am loving Rachel Fiske’s weekly meal plan because most of it tastes really good and is all planned out with portions and types of food we are supposed to have on this diet, etc. She is a registered nutritionist and you can find her sample meal plan for free.

    Don’t stop doing what you are doing and add some natural flavorings to your water like lemon or cucumber or strawberries, etc. to infuse it and make it taste better. I try to get all my water in in the first part of the day so I won’t have to keep getting up to use the bathroom at night and to just get it done.

    Hope you are exercising, too, as that really helps. Good luck!


    Marybeth Lewis-McLaughlin
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    Hi Nancy and Elizabeth,

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    I went for a 1/2 mile walk yesterday & today with my hubby & Yorkies, and came back with legs burning, back aching, but will try going out again tomorrow, morning.

    Am trying to cram down all the water, but can’t get through more than 3 – 16.9 oz bottles daily as of yet. Bought some lemon juice this morning to throw in it – hope it works.

    I’m not too hungry during the day, although I’m conscious of the hunger. Nights are the worst. I hope “falling back” one hour with the time change will help with that by making me go to bed earlier. Yeah, I’m stretching for anything.

    I don’t want to give up, as I’m scared I will end up with diabetes like my mom if things keep going in the wrong direction. She was diagnosed with it at 50 and was dead by 58. The weight gain despite the calorie reduction makes me wonder if I’ve developed insulin resistance or have metabolic syndrome.

    The whole food detox & absolutely no sugar concept of PS1000 is why I decided to try it.

    However, speaking of no sugar, why are grapes an acceptable food? A 1/2 cup serving of red seedless grapes has 8g carbs, of which 7g is sugar, & that’s the lowest carb grape. You might as well eat a teaspoon of white sugar.

    I looked at Rachel’s weekly meal plan, and ugh, what do you do if you REALLY hate fish? And I prefer to eat my calories instead of drinking them in a smoothie.

    It looks like there are better ways to ingest the Quest powder, like protein pancakes or ice cream. I’ll steer toward the lowest carb and GI foods, except the fish and smoothies. Yuck.

    Stripping everything else away, one would hope losing weight would be a numbers game. Following that thought, my age, weight, and sedentary lifestyle, my hubby & I figured to maintain my weight I must eat no more than 1,234 calories/day. Because a lb is 3500 calories and there are 7 days in a week, to lose a lb/wk, I can have 734 calories/day (1.234 – 500). 1,000 calories as recommended by PS1000 hasn’t worked for me so far. What to do about the constant hunger though is the unanswered question, You have to think it’ll be much worse at 734 than 1,000

    My husband is a fantastic cook which is marvelous in many ways but is a huge problem for my weight; his idea of food portions are insanely enormous. This morning I decided to channel his talent into more positive territory by challenging him to come up with 750 calorie days, using and modifying what I like to eat. He’s accepted, and is working on menus as I write this.

    We will see what happens. Cross fingers & toes.

    Thanks again for your responses.


    Sharon Sanderson
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    The portion size is the biggest weight gain problem for me. It will be great if your husband can tailor those recipes to trim the calories.
    Good luck and hang in there.


    Nancy Rojas
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    Attitude is everything and it sounds like you have a great one.
    Don’t stop trying!


    Angela Demma
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    Water is important. Try fusing it with cucumber/lemon etc. It might help you.
    I am lucky as I love water and drink 100oz a day.
    The plan will work but it does have it challenges for sure.
    I dont like alot of veges but I have to choke em I did find my tastes changed. I now enjoy things more with no sauces dressings etc.

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