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    Janice Pollakoff
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    I am getting ready to start my program tomorrow and am feeling a little nervous. I’m 64 and have had a lot of trouble losing weight on all other programs. I have been eating clean and paleo for about 1.5 years but got derailed when I needed several chemotherapy treatments. Now I am feeling better and ready to feel fit again. I need to lose about 25 pounds so wish me luck. I it is so helpful to hear of so many successes.


    Rosa Rizk
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    Welcome to the group and wish you all success ??


    marie lamattina
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    hi my name is Marie and I am 77 years old. Just cannot believe that I am still looking to lose weight. I would like to lose 40 pounds but I will be happy with any loss. Waiting to receive my book so I will better understand how this diet works.


    Claudia Kieffer
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    Hi, I just started yesterday and am happy to report a 4.6 pound loss!! I need to lose about 80 pounds. I am determined to make this work. I’ve tried many, many, many different diets all my life. I will make sure this time I am successful!! Glad to have all this support on this and FB from everyone.


    Janice Pollakoff
    Karma Coins: 990

    Wow. – that is awesome. I started on Saturday and I am down 5.5 which is amazing to me. I have always had so much trouble losing weight so the loss has been very motivational. Let’s stick with it!!


    Bobbi Zagrocki
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    Hi, I just started yesterday. I am 50 yrs old and have about 40 pounds to loose. I know I am going to need all the support I can get, but I am serious about loosing this once and for all!


    Joni Fisher
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    Hi I am 52 and am getting started tommorrow. After my Hysterectomy at 39, I put on about 20 lbs then I quit smoking 6 years ago and put on close to 70 lbs. I did lose 40 in a year on the VA wieght loss program but I reached a plateau. I then started on a medication and gained 10 lbs back. So I am really hoping this plan works for me. I feel like I have been hit with a triple whammy. In 40 years I never weighed over 150 lbs. Then Wham Bam Thank you m’mam and voila my hormones are almost non existant and the weight, hunger and cravings took over my life. lol So here’s to a new outlook, a successful weightloss journey and many new friends along the way!


    randy taylor
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    Well tomorrow I get started also. I’m looking to lose around 30 to 40 lbs so wish me luck. Glad to see all the other newbies here along with me.



    Christine Trout
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    Hello! I just started my diet yesterday and am on day 2. Doing pretty well lost about 3 pounds in two day but also lost a few before starting. I stopped all my bad habits and focused on cutting back and then eliminate pop, and any sugar or bread products. Sounds easy but it wasn’t. I committed to this diet to improve my health. It’s never early or late in a year to tackle a new year’s resolution, right?!! I keep telling myself – I am worth more than a pop, bread or even sweets. I want to just get my health more in control. By doing this diet I’m hoping to keep my inflation that wrecks havoc on my bones…..I have rheumatoid in my back. May sound like a lofty goal, but I got this! Looking forward to chating with you all.


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    I am 5 days in and down 6 pounds. Im a 55yo male.
    I started at 255.5lbs. Really want to see 190lbs.
    I too have the detoxing headache. My goal is 60lbs lost!
    Let’s hope we all have the desired results.
    I look to the recipe section daily to find new things to make for my 3 meals.
    Having fun doing this so far.

    Continued good luck to us all.


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