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    Mary Ann Krebbeks
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    Hello- I ordered the program today and am looking forward to changing my eating habits and of course losing weight.


    Regina Post
    Karma Coins: 2 910

    Hi Mary Ann, Welcome! =) I just ordered the drops a few days ago. Hope to have them tomorrow. So excited about beginning this journey. Looking forward to seeing your progress =)


    April Larkin
    Karma Coins: 7 020

    I ordered the new special for more drops as I plan to do this for the 90 days…A good deal


    J Larsen
    Karma Coins: 2 615

    April: How did you go about ordering just the drops, I cannot find the site location to order just that. I am looking to purchase another bottle of drops and would like to try the B Complex drops as well. Any help would be great. thank you-J


    Deborah kastner
    Karma Coins: 1 415

    You can go to the member store above just to the right of the PS1000 logo.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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