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    Elizabeth Estess
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    Hey Everyone!
    I feel great and have faithfully followed the diet this first week except for a few different things over the weekend, yet haven’t lost any weight after my first week ?
    I worked out hard with sweat all 5 work days, packed my lunches and snacks as planned out, took my drops 3x per day, and drank a ton of water. Went dancing on Friday, dance class on Sat, cleaned house after that, then cooked all day yesterday. I had one alcoholic beverage on Fri night and a few free foods over the weekend, yet nothing big…

    Still committed and feeling good, yet I’m puzzled and disappointed. Anyone have any ideas?


    Fruzsina Johnson
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    Hi Liz,
    Did you increase your exercise level when you started this program? If so, it may be that you are losing fat and replacing it with skeletal muscle mass. Muscle is heavier than fat, so your weight may not change, but your body is being transformed to a leaner, healthier you. I had this happen to me before (unfortunately didn’t last). Hang in there – the weight will start going down 🙂


    Vanessa Niemi
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    That is a bummer. I have a somewhat controversial solution. I don’t weigh myself. I need to lose 100 pounds so I know it will take time. I’m doing this to eat healthy and BE healthy. I figure the weight will come off. For me the real issue is living a healthy lifestyle.

    I see a personal trainer and medical professionals twice a week and they weigh me backwards so I don’t see the number. Paying attention to my weight gives me nothing but stress and anxiety. My team can let me know if the scale is going too fast or slow and I can make adjustments to my diet.

    It’s a marathon for me and not a sprint to lose weight the fastest. I’m eating so much better and just doing that makes me feel better about myself. I don’t have to feel shame because I ate a donut and cookies.

    Anyway, that is my suggestion if you can swing it. Maybe a partner or friend can keep track of your weight. You can make your own rules, like “tell me when I have a five pound weight change in either direction.”

    Good luck!


    Linda Solana
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    Hi Elizabeth,
    You mention two things in your post – you’re doing a heavy workout and planning your meals. Are you doing 1000 calories or increasing to 1500 due to the workout as the booklet recommends for heavy workouts? Also, are you measuring your foods? It is possible your system has gone into starvation mode. Read the booklet as it does cover this and makes suggestions to follow.
    I have been losing slowly, 12 lbs so far after 7 weeks on the plan. When I first started, I was going by the approved food list and daily recommended categories. After several days, I located the USDA website (it’s free and no pop-up advertising) and started entering all foods consumed. I was surprised to learn that my first several days were over by 200 calories. I now plan my meals several days in advance and measure everything, allowing for some flexibility and substitutions, which are then entered to keep me on track. Although I am losing slowly, the inches are coming off and I am pleased with the results. Also not drinking the recommended amount of water does make a difference in the loss results.
    You will get results if you stick to the program. Just remember that each modification or addition will reduce or stall the resulting outcome.
    The boards have a lot of great information and suggestions, as well as inspiration from those who have succeeded.
    Don’t give up.


    Elizabeth Estess
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    Thank you so much for your reply and advice. I’m glad you are losing the inches and weight! That is what I’m hoping for. I am still doing the exercise and dieting, yet am going to recommit to not eating anything extra when I get home from work!

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