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    stephanie Boggs
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    I am excited and nervous to start this program, I need this for my overall health and want to take all the excuses and just make it happen


    Vanessa Niemi
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    Stephanie welcome!! This is a clean eating program so you are sure to see a health benefit. My lipid panel was terrible and after losing 10% I am going to redo the lipids and hope my cholesterol and triglycerides are better. I’m eating very healthy and feeling great!!! My body isn’t aching as much. I’m going to do the program again since I have to lose 100 lbs. It hasn’t even been difficult for me. I love the recipes and the food. Good luck to you! Reach out if you need anything.


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    Hi Stephanie- First of all, congratulations on joining. You will achieve wonderful health benefits by following this plan. Like Vanessa, I had high cholesterol and was on medication to bring the levels down. I am in my third month of eating healthier and just had my cholesterol level checked. My doctor wants to take me off the medication! I feel better and have more energy. With that energy I feel like being more active. More activity = healthy heart and better metabolism. Instead of a “vicious cycle” of poor eating, inactivity and weight gain – I am enjoying the outcome of a “beneficial cycle”. The change has been wonderful! Best wishes to you!


    Linda O’Brien
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    The time is NOW! I started mid-January and down 14 pounds with another 4 to go….and already I can wear some of my old clothes and am super happy about that. Summer is coming and I will not have to be embarrassed by my chubbiness. I am looking forward to Phase 2 and certainly want to hold the line from now until forever!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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