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    Erika Kluzak
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    Just started the program and I am almost a week in. I am a Registered Nurse, with a BS and Minor in Forensics. I spent 8 years working in the Emergency department and lately I have been working part time in mental health. About 4 years ago I was infected with an extremely atypical pneumonia and the the Epstein Barr virus. During my 18 months of treatment I was on massive steroids and gained about 130 pounds. I am in my late 40’s and finally back to almost healthy but now find myself morbidly obese and with diabetes. My physician actually recommended this plan and I am sticking to it! Right now I am at 240 lbs and my current goal weight is 170. I am going low impact aerobics with toning and light weights daily. When the weather gets nice again I plan on adding in an evening walk as well. I am liking the forum and plan on joining up on the Facebook page was well. I love the peer support, it keeps me from sneaking over to Popeyes!

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    Welcome! I’m finishing week one. It works!


    ursula haigh
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    Hi, My husband & I ordered the drops on Monday. Still waiting for the drops & booklet but I’ve been following along making recipes for Phase 1.
    I don’t know what isn’t allowed yet so am following the recipes to the tee. Is fresh grated Pecorino Romano or Parmesan allowed?
    I made some Bolognese sauce yesterday subbing ground turkey for the beef & pork. Served it over spaghetti squash~ very filling, just wishing for some grated hard cheese. Is there a place on the website that lists what is allowed or not allowed in each phase and how long the phase lasts??
    Can’t get ahold of anyone on the toll free number for support. not returning my call.


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    You’ve made a great start. As far as I know the approved foods are only in the booklet. But the Facebook page is a great place to go for menus and to have questions answered. It’s terrific that you are adjusting your foods ahead of time. I wish you great success!


    Jennifer Daniels
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    Welcome, I know what it is like to balloon up and then fight to get the weight off. You have come to the right place. I am at the beginning of my 4th week and I have lost 17 pounds. Use the recipes on this site and check in often to see what new support you can find. The FB group is the best and we will all support both your successes and your slow downs (No Failures here). This plan will teach you how and what to eat and most of all what it feel like to feel and look good. ONWARD AND DOWNWARD WE ALL GO!!!

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