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    Fruzsina Johnson
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    Hi, my name is Fruzsi. I am 44 years old, 5’9″ and weigh 238 lbs. I just ordered my platinum package and looking forward to getting started. I have tried all sorts of stuff, but lately nothing seems to work. I have pretty much given up, but my body is beginning to fail me – I am wearing a cardiac monitor as I write. It is definitely time to do something. If you have any advice or suggestions, please, let me know.
    Thank you,


    Kim Spinner
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    Welcome! This plan works if you just stick to it. There of course is no magic you have to be dedicated. The pounds will drop but it is a process. Drink your water as directed and stick to the plan and you will have success. Remember it is a marathon not a sprint! Wishing you much success n your journey!


    Elizabeth Estess
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    Yes, Fruzsi!
    I am loving the week-long menu plan by nutritionist Rachel Fisk for PS1000. Especially the pear almond salad with Serrano pepper is amazing. You have to love veggies and be willing to chop and dice a lot, yet meats and good fats are also included and meals are never boring also been exercising every day at boot camp and high intensity interval training classs that last about 40 minutes at my gym. If I get hungry (which is rare on this plan), I drink a Premium Protein bananas and cream drink from Costco.

    Just about to finish first week of following this plan and feel great and skin is starting to glow from all the really healthy food ? I am weighing in on Monday.

    I wish you the very best with this!!



    Sharon Anderson
    @Sharon Anderson
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    Welcome to the group. I have a heck of a time loosing weight and so far I have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks on this program. I am using a food tracker on my phone –Fitbit, but others are using other food trackers. I was amazed at how soon I felt healthier. While you are waiting for your package– get ready by increasing health y fats.


    Fruzsina Johnson
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    Thank you, Kim! I shall do my best. Do you drink just water or do you use any flavoring?


    Fruzsina Johnson
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    Thank you, Liz! and thank you Sharon!


    Linda Solana
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    Hi Fruzsi,
    I have been on this for roughly 6 weeks now and have lost a total of 12 lbs. It has been slow for me, but I must say it has been the easiest weight loss without constantly being famished. I can certainly understand your concerns, as I just spent 3 days in the hospital undergoing EKG’s, Echo and Catherization, as well as having a halter monitor for 48 hrs after being discharged, all of which had positive results.
    While I only have an additional 15 lbs to reach my approved weight, others on this board have lost similar amounts in just one week.
    Yes, you will feel better as you see the inches come off and drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water, 64 oz which is hard enough although more is recommended based on your weight. Add flavoring, lemon, lime, fresh herbs and/or stevia to make it easier. Keeping yourself hydrated will be very important as well as maintaining healthy nutrition. Definitely measure all foods, use a calorie tracker (I use the USDA website which is free) and prepare daily and weekly menus which will help you to stay on target.
    The boards here have a variety of success stories, recommendations and inspiration to keep you going. Additionally you also have the Facebook site.
    Good luck and keep your focus on your goal or take baby steps if easier – you will see results!


    Jeanne Fullarton
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    HI there…how is it going? I am starting tomorrow…


    Fruzsina Johnson
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    Hello Jeanne,
    I am on day 7 of phase 1 and so far it is working great for me (knock on wood). I had a very hard time losing weight lately and what little I lost I always gained back quickly and then some. I am following the diet closely and taking the drops. The first 2-3 days were hard: I didn’t have cravings, but I did have a stubborn headache. But it got easier every day, and by Day 4 I had no problems. I don’t really feel hungry much except if there is more than 3 hours between meals. I also get really tired if I wait too long for dinner, but I used to have that when I was overeating too. Drinking enough water and getting around 8 hours of sleep makes a huge difference – I started losing when I got those in order. I made chicken vegetable soup using the vegetable broth the book mentions. Eating that for dinner works great, it keeps me full for 2 hours, so I don’t go to bed starving. So far, I lost 4.6 pounds which on any other diet would have taken me a month. I think this stuff really works. Make sure you plan out your meals and measure everything. The stuff is surprisingly good – plain Greek yogurt tastes like sour cream 🙂 And don’t get discouraged if you don’t lose weight the first couple of days. The pounds will start dropping if you stay consistent. The Facebook group is great – you will get answers to your questions very quickly and a lot of support.
    Welcome and best of luck,


    Angela Demma
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    Take 1 day at a time. Slowly introduce walking in your regime and drink all your water. Do not get discouraged and do not beat yourself up.
    Do not give up on yourself. Your body will come around and it can heal its self.


    Sharon Sanderson
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    Sleep is really important. Just have a look at some of the research on the links between stress and lack of sleep and weight gain/overweight. Even more importantly, In the last 2 years neuroscientists just found the glymphatic system in the brain. Apparently, it takes out waste from the brain– but only if you sleep well. Sleep medications, including melatonin don’t help you achieve the deep sleep that you need to activate the glymphatic system.

    For those who like information one of the main researchers is Jeffrey J. Iliff and he has a link to his TED talk on his research page.

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