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    janet reese
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    My name is Janet. I purchased the PS1000 program lastnight, just got logged on. Looking forward to learning a new way of eating and life. I cant wait to get my drops and book so i can join you on the jouney.
    Looks like there is alot of reading to do in the mean time.


    Jessica Romeo
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    Welcome Janet!! I am so happy for you to begin your journey. Starting off on the right foot is the best for sure, so yeah make sure to read your book thoroughly and follow all of the guidelines as well as the advice on the Facebook group. Also feel free to message me whenever you need.


    Susana Castillo
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    Hey! I am new to the program, hope joining this group will help keep on track!! *FINGERS CROSSED*


    Deborah kastner
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    I am really new to the program. After an eye opening annual physical I was shocked by the number on the scale. I went on line to find help and found this program. Any advice or support is welcomed!


    Deborah kastner
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    I am trying to get used to this format, and not sure if the posts are going up or not. I am excited to get my drops, and welcome any advice or experiences from other members. I did download the meal plan booklet that was free and it appears that items can be purchased as well.


    Debbie Griffiths
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    My name is Debbie and I started PS1000 last Saturday. I have lost 7 lbs so far, but have not lost lost anything for the last 3 days. I would think it would be a little early to stall? I am really struggling trying to get in the 3 meals and 2 snacks a day and trying to work at my job.Sometimes I am also just too full to eat again so soon. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated. 🙂


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    HI…I’ve had the drops in my purse for two weeks no! Guess you can say it’s taken me this long to get the mindset “I CAN DO THIS, I WILL DO THIS”. I have my grocery list and set to start tomorrow!


    Mary Briscoe
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    Hello I’m MaryA
    I have a little confusion.
    Received my PS yesterday..I think I missed in the literature about preping with fats for 2 days??

    Do we take it from all the lists of fats in the book?
    Do we just add more to what day 1 phase 1 would have?
    Or do we do high protein days along with the fats.
    Is there a restaurant guid for the times we have to eat out.

    Tsk so much! 🙂

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    Hi Mary,
    You may have already found your answer, but, just in case, I just finished reading the PS1000 book and it recommends not eating out at all. Hope this helps.



    April Larkin
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    After you are on the plan ( 2 months for me) I have no problem eating out. I eat lots of salads, lean meats and never have a craving. I had a bad headache for 5 days and then gone in the beginning. Now I look at people eating those foods and I cringe…ONWARD to our magnificent goals.


    Brittany Hinzman
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    Ready to begin my journey tomorrow just very concerned about meeting my requirements for meats, veggie, fruits and still metting the 1000 calories


    Sharon Allen
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    Hi, I’m Sharon, I’m 62 and really trying hard to lose 40 lbs. weight. After two days I’ve already lost 2 lbs. and that has me energized to keep going! I LOVE the 7 Day Meal Plan, created by Jessica Romeo, for Phase 1. The recipes are incredibly delicious and you get lots of food!! I highly recommend spending $7.95 on this plan (in the member store) as it takes away the stress of creating your own menus, especially if you are working.


    Jan Hamblin
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    At least you seem to have a handle on the forum thing. I have not started the program, although I have all the vitamins and booklet. I wanted to find some recipes and I found them but I can’t figure out what the little heart is with a number beside it, stands for. Also what do the different colored circles represent. I find items on the internet regarding this diet but can’t seem to figure out how to use them. If you or anyone else can at least help with the recipe confusion, I would appreciate the help. Thanks, and good luck to you with this diet!


    Jan Hamblin
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    Is there ay place that tells you how to use this site? I think I just replied to someone who knows not much more than me to find out what the little heart and numbers next to it on the recipes mean. Also what do the colored circles mean on the recipes? How do you know who gets what and where do you find the reply’s back from your own replies? What are the attachments? and Tags? Thanks


    Lisa Berry
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    Hi – I’m thinking of doing this program but I have NO time to cook. Can you grab and go on this plan – meaning eggs, cheese, turkey breast, etc.

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