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    So I have been following the program for one week now…and I am in terrible discomfort. I have had extreme cramps and ache in my midsection. I have been following instructions to the tee regarding drops, water, approved food and timing. I’m beginning to think that the drops don’t agree with me, but it’s hard to say. I also have a hard time trying to negotiate these posts. I’m not sure where to go to contact someone directly form the PS1000 company to get advice from? I did join the FB group and was relieved to say I do know how to negotiate a conversation on FB, but I quickly discovered that anything I posted would also be seen in my general feed for all 450 “friends” to see…not something I want to do. I’m struggling here…anyone??


    Jessica Romeo
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    I am not sure what kind of discomfort and aches you are having? Have you introduced any new foods into your diet recently? Thats always the first thing I like to ask. Also how long have you had the discomfort for I know you mentioned you have been following the plan for a week, how much of that time have you had cramps and aches? Any other different things that you are doing? I have not heard of anyone having this same issue. Please give me more information regarding your diet and I can try and help you. If the cramps are intolerable I would recommend discontinuing the use for a week and see what happens. Otherwise please see your Dr. if you are really concerned.

    And just letting you know that I am Jessica and I am the Nutritionist on PS1000. I am not a Dr. however so please consult your Dr. if you are experiencing extreme pain. I will help you with all the diet and nutrition related questions that you have. I am actually on vacation at the moment but will answer questions as often as I have Wifi! Also if you are part of the Facebook group you can find me on there also my Facebook page is listed under PierreandJess Romeo.

    I hope that you are feeling better!


    J D
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    I am having the same issue. Very bloated with pain…kind of like heartburn. I stopped taking for about two weeks and going to try to start again tomorrow.


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    I am having that issue too, my stomach keeps acting crazy and diarrhea too :/


    Laura Singletary
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    Sorry to hear your problems, Anonymous @. You may want to email: I got an immediate reply to my questions. I’m sure they want to help and have the knowledge. A Health Coach should get back to you. Good luck!


    ouma beekia
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    Dear Laura

    I recently received my drops and have been trying to following the 1000 calorie per day, but i felt super hungry at night time. Thought to consult you on same.
    Unfortunately, i cant do my gym classes in the morning so i do it just after work.
    For example, this is my day (yesterday)
    Start at 8.00 have some tumeric drink which is no calorie
    wait 15 min to have my PS drops
    Then have a protein shake with the following:
    hemp seeds
    with almond milk

    9:00am – Coffee with 1/2 tsp supgar and normal milk

    11:am – snack – almonds

    1.00pm – drops
    wait 15 mins and had my lunch : salmon with brocolli

    afternoon snack : 20 almonds with 1/2 pear

    4PM: PS drops

    5:15 Pre-work out : 1/2 avocado with 2 wheat biscuits

    6:00Pm -7:00 Boxingclass

    7:00 protein shake
    7:30 dinner (left-over salmon with carrots and brocolli)

    was so hungry at 8.30PM that i ate some nuts.

    Just wanted to see whether i need to increase my calorie intake just because of my gym classes in the afternoon. I feel i am doing something wrong here as when i am super hungry, i will be tempted to have desert.

    Thats why thought to check how better can i do.


    Angela Demma
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    Are you taking a good probiotic? You are changing how you eat and introducing foods in a more natural state. You digestive track has to work differently and harder. So you will have some issues. I honestly suggest a good probiotic 2Xs a day until it stops then 1 a day to continue the good flora growth. You might want to look into adding psyillium fiber as well.
    I am not a nutritionist but I am a holistic practitioner and I help people with this all the time. Give it a try and see what it does for you.
    I am also on the program and it has helped me quite a bit.


    Jessica Romeo
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    Agree with Angela that taking a probiotic might help relieve discomfort and might help with stomach problems in general.


    ouma beekia
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    Hi I think best to contact PS1000 Support <>
    I am sure you will get your answer.


    cindy McConnell
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    I too find ACV gross! But here is what I do to get my daily 2 tbls. I need 8 cups of water per day so I add 2 tbls of ACV to the jug. When I have a glass I add some lemon juice and heat it up. No grossness anymore!

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