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    S G
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    My Daughter and I started a couple of days ago wanting to lose about 30# each. So far so good with both of us. I seem to need “commuting food” as I am always moving in a mtg or in the car on my way to a mtg. So my calories are not quite there, but I haven’t deviated.


    Trish MacD
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    I started today and find it difficult to lose weight so we shall see. Losing 1lb per day in phase one sounds quite unbelievable but, hey, I’ll take it!

    Best of luck!!


    Lalalandia Vidriera
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    Hi(-: Beautiful thing, doing together mom and daughter, good luck to both of you.Today, I’m receiving my bottles and I’ll start tomorrow, I’m crazy to feel better.IS good to share all of the personal experiences on the way.When I hear how are all of you doing that make me feel that I’m going to make it.


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    Welcome SG and daughter, Trish, and Lalalanda! I hope you all will really love this program. I had doubts myself, but they are gone. I am losing slowly but surely. My second week I actually gained a pound but it came off the 3rd week. I am in my 4th week now and love this program as I never had so much to eat on a diet. I prayed for help to learn to eat properly and found this site. I know it was an answer to my prayers. I am loving the food and being one to never cook, I am finding that I am constantly looking for new recipes that will fit the program. This site and the Facebook page are awesome so be sure to make good use of them. If you need anything and you think I can help, just ask.


    S G
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    Thanks every1. So far so good, just trying to formulate menus that are mobile. I have the snacks down pat, but need something we can eat in the car. For her, typical teenager…school, straight to sports, then a job. Me, always driving from mtg to mtg. I’m going to the Phase 1 recipes see see what I can do for us. We’re committed and already seeing the # come off, as described.


    Carolyn Doolittle
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    I just joined and ordered my first shipment so am waiting on the products to officially get started. I’m 56 and plan to lose about 25 pounds. I don’t eat meat or dairy (I’ve been vegan for 7+ years and don’t want to go back) so I will adapt the menus to my lifestyle the best I can. I’m looking forward to getting some great results!


    Trish Featherston
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    If you don’t already, maybe consider carrying a cooler in the car. That could expand choices for portable recipes.

    Good luck all!


    Trina C
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    How are you doing SG? I just ordered today and look forward to getting started. I too do a lot of traveling for meeting and training. Have you dicovered any tricks or secrets to making those days easier? Any challenges so far? I hope you and your daughter are doing great and look forward to going through this with everyone here. Thank you and good luck.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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