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    This has been a common question among my friends and family, how do you eat healthy when you are on a tight budget? With the many meals plans and recipes that go along with the PS1000 program you have many choices when looking into your grocery shopping for meals throughout the week. We get a lot of questions regarding budget friendly eating plans, and the real key is to plan ahead. Everyone’s budgets are going to be different but when you plan ahead you can plan on spending the exact amount you budgeted for. What are some of your ideas regarding eating healthy, yet staying within a reasonable budget as well?

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    Jessica Romeo
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    Yes eating healthy while on a budget definitely presents a challenge at times, but not impossible. Meal planning is by far the most important way to stick to a budget. Here is a link to the article about meal prep and planning that will not only help with saving money, but also with your time.. Some other tips I have are:

    Less variety in meals, at first glance this sounds boring, but sometimes eating the same 2-3 breakfast recipes throughout the week A) makes it easier for you to not have to make decisions all the time B) simplifies your grocery list C) ensures you use up the ingredients that you bought and D) ultimately helps you save money while still losing weight! So simplify the meals that should just be on auto pilot like breakfast, lunch and snacks and leave the creativity and excitement for dinner time instead.

    Leftovers! the unsung hero in the grocery budget…leftover meat from the night before lends to a perfect leftover salad, just top a ton of lettuce and veggies with the leftover meat and drizzle with oil and vinegar! Easiest and tastiest budget tip.


    Rachel Fiske
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    To piggy back on Jessica’s great ideas, I find the easiest way to spend a lot of money on food is to shop often (shop per meal instead of shop for the week). If you haven’t had the chance to menu plan or any other reason comes up and you aren’t sure what to make, use this as an opportunity for creativity! Scan what you have in the fridge, and then google a healthy recipe that includes those ingredients. For example, if I have ground beef, beets and carrots in the fridge, often I can discover a new way to prepare those foods all together that I wouldn’t have considered, and one that is new and tasty!


    blanca rosas
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    Hello Jessica…this link seems to be broken…can you resend.

    thank you


    Jessica Romeo
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    Here it is I think it was moved


    Casey Siegel
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    I know it’s a pain, but I spend time compare shopping for the best quality products at the lowest price. Between Fresh Direct, my local C-Town, farmer’s markets, and Trader Joe’s, I can usually get a deal on specific items. It does take more time than just one stop and I recognize living in a city allows for a bevy of options, but hopefully this helps!


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    So excited for my produce prices to start going down as the abundance increases over the summer. Canning and freezing are my friend as I can stock up while prices are lower and enjoy the fruits and vegetables within my budget even when prices go up. I also utilize Jessica’s idea as far as eating some of the same things during the week. I switch up the variety every 7 days and that’s enough for me.


    T Love
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    I try to buy meat when it’s on sale…I find those items that need to be used or frozen by a certain date and can save 30-50%.

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