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    janet reese
    Karma Coins: 1 090

    I dont have a book yet guess thats where you find out more about Karma Coins. I just joined wondering how that works????


    Dawn Jacobs
    Karma Coins: 500

    Are you still in the program? I was just reading about it on the PS1000 website. You could just do a “search” once you’re logged on for Karma Coins. All the information is on the website, not the book. Hope that helps.


    Cory L
    Karma Coins: 3 540

    If you click under your profile pic you can check how many you have, from there you earn from various things. I’ve just viewed topics, and posted in the forum for the majority of my points. You can also see Karma Coin history under your profile pic, that’ll show you what coins you got for what.


    Trish Featherston
    Karma Coins: 5 140

    When you hover over your name in the top right there is a dropdown. Karma Coins History is the second option under Karma Coins, however, it doesn’t appear to work. So I just go to my profile and select the History option at the top.


    Sharon Skapura
    Karma Coins: 2 455

    I bought the ps1000 tea with karma coins.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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