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    My sister in law just gave birth to a baby boy a couple of months ago, and she is exhausted to say the least! She was calling me rather frustrated about her lack of energy and motivation to start on a diet program, as well as a fitness regime to lose her baby weight. She feels like she has no time to even get anything going, which makes her feel like a failure. What are some good tips I can share with her regarding time management, and how to get started with a diet program to help her feeling good again?

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    Jessica Romeo
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    Oh man, those new babies are sure to sap you of energy for sure! I think the two most important things that she should be focusing on right now are A) getting sleep whenever possible,even if that means the laundry and dishes have to wait. B) If she is breast-feeding she needs to be sure she doesn’t cut her calories too low because she will have even less energy, her milk supply will likely suffer and the baby will in turn suffer. C) If she isn’t breast-feeding she still needs to be sure that she isn’t dropping her calories too low either because she needs any energy that she can get for the time being.

    As far as time management goes and still eating well I highly recommend spending a little more money to buy fruits and veggies that are already pre-washed and cut up. This is far easier than doing all the work and it will only cost a little bit more, so ensuring that she eats well is far more important.

    Asking for help, enlisting her spouse or partner, or any family around her is so important. It really takes a village to raise kids and keep yourself sane!

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