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    sue smokoski
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    I love imitation crab meat in my salads. can i still use this for my protein? Just trying to get things ready and know what i am doing before my order comes in. Im very excited about this.

    Also tomatoes and grapes?
    Sorry for all the questions.

    thank you



    Hi Sue,

    Thank you for reaching out! The support groups are a great place to get your questions answered, so don’t be sorry for asking any questions.

    It looks like your questions was answered on the Facebook Support group page- So I wanted to copy the info over for anyone on here that doesn’t have Facebook that wants to know the answer!

    Tomatoes and grapes are on the approved list. Crab is approved. I would say no to the artificial crab because of the sodium 1280 mg in a 5oz. serving. It also has 160 calories when compared to 5 oz. crab at 79 calories. There are also 30g. Carbs in it. From what I am reading it is high in sugar and carbs….this diet is low, low in both.


    Angela Demma
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    I would also say no to non crab Just eat food in natural state. I had lobster grilled yesterday it was fabulous.
    Good Luck


    sue smokoski
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    Thank you everyone for the great advice.

    Ang—- that sounds really good.

    Lauren. i would have never guess it was that bad. So glad i asked. i have to really read things and make sure everything is correct before i eat it.

    Sooo excited wish my order was her yesterday. lol

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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