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    Rebecca Reed
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    hey everyone i was drinking infused water to aid in my water consumption and i was reading online i see it does have calories or does it the internet is so confusing about it ugh


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    Hi Rebecca, Carbonated or infused water is OK to drink but we do not recommend any water enhancers as most are chemically enhanced. Stevia flavored drinks are OK to use.Adding lemon, and or some fresh fruits makes for a nice and refreshing drink!
    Similar to the question we answered before, just a little different!


    Regina Post
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    I love to infuse my water. I have a favorite drink at the moment – Into a pitcher I squeeze three lemons, add 12TBLS Apple Cider Vinegar, Fill with water and add stevia to taste. I use the liquid Sweetleaf stevia drops – plain or lemon. I drop one of the squeezed lemons into the water for more flavor. Refrigerate and enjoy =)


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    I love to infuse my water too. I bought a water bottle with a built in attachment and I play with different flavors. My favorite is strawberry/lemon but lemon/lime is a close second. I also add cucumber now and then. I just add what I want to infuse the water with and let it sit overnight. Have not found the need to add any sweetener.


    Lady Jr
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    of course there will be calories if you infuse with things like berries or sugary fruits. but likely minimal. but if you use lemon or orange tree leaves (just bend them to release the natural oils) then i doubt it. i also did it with lavender and it was really nice and different.

    things like ACV and lemon juice are great too.

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